TP58 Waste Water Design

TP58 Waste Water Design

If you are building in Auckland on a Rural or Lifestyle block without Sewer infrastructure, you will need a TP58 Waste water design report. This report has your site specific details on how to dispose of the sewer waste on the property.

We can help you from start to finish and offer expert advice. It takes 5-10 days to compile the report and we can include it free if you use iDrain to install your waste water tank (Natural Flow system only).

About iDrain TP58 Waste Water Design

A TP58 Waste water design is required by council before you submit any plans to build or replace any existing septic system.

The NaturalFlow Series Treatment Systems are developed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. NaturalFlow is designed to quickly and efficiently turn all your wastewater into high quality irrigation water, through biological purification techniques and processes that require no electricity or moving parts. As a result of this; maintenance and operational costs are extremely low, and reliability maximized.

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